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signEZ / Lotus Script


The JOBBER document is a temporary document used by signEZ to perform an action on multiple documents. The structure of a JOBBER document varies according to the command it is used for.

Structure of the document

Command nameTypeExpected Value(s)
-beBatch ExecuteNOTESIDS (a list of all batch documents NoteID to process)
-belBatch Execute ListBATCHID (NoteID); SERVER; and DBLIST
-bedmBatch Execute Direct Multiple DBLIST (server!!dbpathUNID)


The JOBBER document must be created in the signEZ database except when using the -bed command.


If you create your own JOBBER document and don't want it deleted after it runs, you can create a Text field called "DoNotRemove" and give it a value of "1".