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Lotus Notes Signing ID Management with Ironclad Security

Secure ID delegation removes costly delays from Lotus Notes development and administration

Common problems with signatures in Lotus Notes and Domino

When an administrator holds the keys to your organization's signing IDs, developers must wait for the 'rubber stamp' for even the most trivial changes to applications. There is no provision for even basic delegation. This creates major bottlenecks disrupting the workflow of both administrators and developers. Another problem is that it's nearly impossible to see what has been signed in Notes and there is no audit trail to follow the use of signing IDs.

Verify all design signatures

Choose which design elements to sign

Delegate signing IDs

"The top benefits for me are: The ability to sign design elements by a trusted ID without having to grant access to the physical ID or password."
—signEZ user in Oklahoma
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What are Lotus Notes and Domino design signatures and why are they so important?

Ytria signEZ is a solution for Notes signature management and delegation, here's what it lets you do:
  • Take control of your design element signature process
  • Securely delegate design element signing to developers—lets you remove bottlenecks but set strict rules so security is never compromised
  • Quickly assess the design element signatures for any database—get access to important information that Lotus Notes and Domino alone won't reveal
  • Expand your administration capabilities—take advantage of practical, time-saving features that are not part of the standard Lotus Domino toolset
signEZ Fact Sheet

Reveal the true signature status of your Lotus Notes/Domino databases

Solve your Lotus Notes/Domino signature-related issues fast

Extend the power of Domino Designer and Domino Administrator

EZ Suite V16.5
Your favorite tools just got a lot smarter!
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Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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