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I knew that I had quite a big design migration in front of me. The application I mainly take care of consists of more then 30 databases. So giving them a new look and feel (because of Corporate Identity requirements) with the basic Notes tool is really a pain. With actionBarEZ it was literally done in a snap. All I can say is: VERY COOL!
—Ingo Hefti, Kuehne + Nagel Mgmt AG
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1. How to see where shared actions are used in a Lotus Notes database (Learn more...)

See exactly where shared actions are used in the current database all in one place

2. How to change the look and feel of an old R4 database (Learn more...)

Change the look and feel of an old R4 database to a R5/R6 like presentation (migration from R4 to R5/R6)

3. How to copy any action(s) from one design element to another (Learn more...)

Easily copy a complete set of actions from one design element to another (in the same database)

4. How can I set all action bars with a "template"? (Learn more...)

Enforce a consistent look (i.e. action bars) of all design elements by selecting a design element to be a "template"

5. How to create shared actions from any action, and link to these new shared actions (Learn more...)

Create new shared actions from any action, and link to these new shared actions from any existing action (migration R4 to R5/R6)

6. How to see enabled options (web client/notes client/mobile) for the end-user in one window  (Learn more...)

See and understand what options are going to be enabled for the end-user (web client/notes client/mobile ) in one window

7. How can I change the properties for several actions in a Notes database? (Learn more...)

Easily change in one step the properties of several actions across several design elements
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