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I can't tell you how much time signEZ has saved me in cleaning up old databases.
—Marilyn Laudadio, Principal Certified Lotus Professional, St Ives Inc. US Division
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1. How to audit design signatures in a Lotus Notes database (Learn more...)

Exactly see the current design signature status of any given database in one place

2. How to sign specific design elements of a database (Learn more...)

Sign specific design elements of a database. This means you can sign only the ones that really need to be signed, and not signing design elements that are already correctly signed.

3. How to sign the design of a database with another ID, without switching ids in the Notes Client (Learn more...)

Sign the design of a database with another given ID, without switching ids in the Notes Client, and keeping all currently opened databases open

4. How to sign design elements using a different signing ID (without sharing its password) (Learn more...)

Be able to sign design elements of a database with an ID (where its password is kept secure, usually under the control of the Administrator)

5. How to sign many databases with signEZ (Learn more...)

If you need to re-sign many databases, then signEZ is the solution you are looking for.

6. How to save specific signing settings for several databases  (Learn more...)

Save specific signing settings for several databases, and be able to re-use them for future signings

7. How to Clean the $Updatedby field while signing a database  (Learn more...)

Clean the $Updatedby field (the list of names who last updated the designs) while signing a database

8. General facts about signatures in Lotus Notes... (Learn more...)

Why you usually do not need to sign actions, buttons etc.
Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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