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1. Reasons why your agents may not be running as expected (Learn more...)

With agentEZ see the fastest way to verify and understand runtime problems for a large number of Lotus Notes and Domino agents.

2. Understand what really happens after your agents run (Learn more...)

See how easy access to agent logs on a server and agent runtime details makes agent debugging easier for you.

3. How can I change properties for many agents en masse? (Learn more...)

All agent properties that you would expect are available for you to change.

4. How to use grouping grids (all Ytria products) - Part 1 (Learn more...)

Grouping grid features: Grouping, copying and pasting data from the grid

5. How to use grouping grids (all Ytria products) - Part 2 (Learn more...)

Grouping grid features: Filtering, exporting and displaying dates in a format that you prefer

6. A new way to get all your Out of Office agents configured correctly (Learn more...)

Set the "Run On Behalf Of" property (to the corresponding mail database owner) for a large number of Lotus Notes mail databases with agentEZ.

7. Ever see agents go screwy after a design refresh? We've got a quick fix for you. (Learn more...)

Quickly re-enable all Lotus Notes agent settings after a design refresh, instead of wondering what has changed.
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