Essentials for IBM Notes Development
& IBM Domino Administration
IBM Lotus Software


Open multiple console instances to multiple servers in the same consoleEZ session.


Multiple live consoles, a dashboard view and powerful analytics


Decide what type of events to display.


Turn your console into a to-do list by only showing errors of certain severity levels.


Apply a Regular Expression filter to show or hide certain events.


Keep an eye on your servers at all times.


Manage Server Tasks.


Access Server Statistics.


Choose from a list of previously sent commands.


Add multiple NSFs to one analyzer session.


Search by a particular event type like Security.


Specify a precise date-time range to search log events.


Search specific columns using Regular Expression.


Find and understand the total network volume sent and received by individual users per server.


Use a pivot table to analyze usage activity and bandwidth use.


Use a pivot table to analyze what was sent and received by servers.


Use a pivot table to analyze passthru connection events.


Conduct a replication volume analysis and export to Excel.


Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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