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What's New in EZ Suite 12.1?

All products are IBM Notes 6, 7, 8 and 9 compatible.

No matter how proficient you are, there is always room for improvement. Taking this principle to heart, our development team has been toiling away to bring you updated tools that work even harder.

EZ Suite 12.1 offers you a multitude of feature additions and performance upgrades* covering the entire product line. Look and see why you’ll want to stay current.

*Most feature additions and improvements are only available in the full version software.

If you missed the webcast, you can download an MPEG version of the webcast "What's New in EZ Suite 12.1?".

'Right click' and 'Save Link As...' the following link to download the file
Ytria webcast EZSuite12.1 [39.2MB].

What's New in:

EZ Suite Complete

What does v12.1 bring to the entire EZ Suite product line?

Enhanced Server Selection Dialog

By allowing you to save and manage your servers in your notes.ini file directly from the Open Server dialog box, we give you better ways to manage your list of preferred servers. Moreover, in addition to the default loading of servers from your workspace and bookmarks, Ytria tools now offer you a selection of servers from your passthru connection documents.

New options for better switching to Full Access Administration and back

The process of switching to Full Access Administration (FAA) has been significantly improved in all products:

  • Even if you have tried to open a database you do not have access to, it is now possible to enable FAA without having to reopen the database itself. This change applies to both database and server products.
    Please Note: Ytria DOES NOT bypass Notes security. This option will only work if your current ID is part of the Full Access Administrators field for the server document in question
  • We’ve also made it possible for you to switch off FAA without having to close any of your Ytria tools.

New Grid Export options bring you Append and Non-Contiguous export capabilities

In our improved Grid Tools & Options > Export dialog box, you will find new options to append your exports onto existing Excel and CSV files. Simply choose Append if you want to append data to a preexisting report that is structured the same way. Choose Non-Contiguous if you want to export data with a different column arrangement; the headers will be appended to the existing report.

Faster switching between ID files thanks to a new password saving capability

We’ve added a new dialog to the Switch ID function, allowing you to save and encrypt passwords in the registry. By storing your passwords, you avoid having to type them in for every single ID change.

Target only the folders you need to load, thanks to a new pre-loading option for single-server tools

To help speed up the first step of the loading process, our single-server tools now allow you to pinpoint the specific folders you want to load. Load either an entire server or only the folders you need. What’s more, clicking the Manage button lets you save and manage your frequently used folders for future use. (This button opens the YtriaServerFoldersList.txt file in your Data directory.)

Additional options for managing partially loaded server contents

You’ve always been able to initially load your entire server. Now, with just a right-click on the Database Selection Filter, you can decide to add more folders, refresh your partially loaded contents, or load the entire server contents.

scanEZ What does v12.1 bring to scan EZ?

New scanning method allows easy management for '32k error' afflicted documents

Now equipped with an even more sophisticated search method, scanEZ’s Document Analyzer lets you find your documents that have encountered the infamous "Field is too large (32k)" error, in a maximum of 2 clicks.

Important fix in scanEZ now lets you find and fix fields whose name contains a space

Thanks to the added option to keep unabridged field names in both the Rename Fields and Copy Fields dialog boxes, you are now able to look for fields whose name contains a space … and fix them.

aclEZ What does v12.1 bring to aclEZ?

Improvements to the Check Presence in NAB feature allow consideration of Alternate Name(s) and Internet Access

By modifying the Check Presence in NAB feature to keep it from marking existing internet addresses (such as a user listed in a "Mail Only" or "Multi-Purpose" group), we’ve significantly reduced false-positive results.

New feature lets you find users who do not belong to any groups

We’ve added a new feature that allows you to locate, directly from the Tools menu, users who are not currently members of any group.

Improved workflow for applying changes

We’ve made it even easier for you to apply your changes. It is no longer necessary to save all of your modifications through the Server menu. Simply right-click on your current selection of modified ACL entries and you will see an option to apply changes directly from the contextual menu.

databaseEZ What does v12.1 bring to databaseEZ?

New options allow you to encrypt and decrypt databases on a server or local machine

In databaseEZ, you can now set databases to be encrypted or decrypted on either a Domino Server or your local machine. In order for this process to work, you will need to compact them once the encryption flag has been set. Even though databaseEZ allows you to directly compact multiple local databases, compacting databases located on a Domino server requires you to use the Load Compact console command. Since you can easily compose console commands from within the contextual menu, or export a list of databases to a Domino Indirect (IND) file, you can still carry out all these steps from within databaseEZ.

consoleEZ What does v12.1 bring to consoleEZ?

New contextual menu for faster Regex filter selection

Filtering your consoles just got even easier. Simply right-click the filter icon in any given console to display a list of recently used Regex values that you can instantly apply.

New Backdated Events option and improved, synced console history

Did you ever wish that your console would show you the "previous x amount of events that happened" when you open it? With this release, consoleEZ now lets you set a preferred number of backdated events to be parsed and displayed upon the opening of any given server. You can do this in the Options > Preferences dialog box. What’s more, all consoles that you open for the same server will now have a synced history. (If you open a second console for the same server, you will instantly see the same event history there.)

actionBarEZ What does v12.1 bring to actionbarEZ?

New support for PNG action bar sources

You can now view PNG action button sources and other custom icons, directly within actionbarEZ’s Actions module interface.

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