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What's New in EZ Suite 8.5?

All products are Lotus Notes R5.x, R6.x, R7.x, R8.x compatible

What's New in All Products?

Favorite databases

Added new menu item: Maintain a list of your favorite databases.

Support new design elements

Added support for XPages, Custom Components, Style Kits and Server JavaScript to relevant tools (screenshot of scanEZ below).

Teamstudio CIAO! comments

Allow users to set a comment and avoid any Teamstudio CIAO! prompts using the notes.ini file entry: Ytria<ProductName>CIAOComment

Pop-up Fixed

Fixed a random message from appearing in unlocked software (message sometimes prompted users to try a full product evaluation).

Click here to see the complete version history list.

Click to see scanEZ tool features and benefits What's New in scanEZ 8.5?

Added menu item: Tools > Search Deletion Stub

Now you can quickly track down any deletion stub by UNID, NoteID or by its date.

Implemented ability to set a "My Selection" title before a search

Now you can specify a title for your "My Selection" search results right away; instead of waiting for the search to finish and then changing it afterwards.

Keyboard shortcuts and modifiers

Added several keyboard shortcuts and keyboard modifiers.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Added Ctrl+T for Changing Displayed Title when highlighting a category in the selection tree
  • Added F2 for renaming a My Selection folder

Keyboard modifiers:

  • Added Ctrl+Delete Document—selects "Do not create deletion stubs"
  • Added Ctrl+Compare—selects "Show only fields..."
  • Added Ctrl+Edit button (in Change Document Title window)—to use the displayed formula by default
  • Added Ctrl+Open in Notes—uses None by default
  • Added Ctrl+Add My Selection —uses default title for the My Selection

Improved saving of "Export to file..." settings

Improved "Save the Current settings..." button. Now saves the settings in both export tabs (and not just the "Format options" tab).

Always use default

Added option to "Always use Default settings" when opening documents from the Lotus Notes client.

Click to see aclEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in aclEZ 8.5?

When copying ACL entries, the state of the Roles are now copied

Role states that are assigned to an ACL entry are also copied when you copy an ACL entry.

Click to see agentEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in agentEZ 8.5?

Improved agent logs feature: Can now open multiple agent logs

Now you can select multiple agent logs and right-click to open them all in a grouping grid.

Click to see signEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in signEZ 8.5?

Improved Error Process Management

Now signEZ manages errors better for an improved batch signing process.

Universal default settings

Added capability to set a "Settings" document to be the universal default.

Assign multiple editors for a Stored ID document (NoteID shown too)

Added capability for a Stored ID document to have more than one editor (editor list can be changed too). The NoteID of the Stored ID document is now shown too.

Click to see designPropEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in designPropEZ 8.5?

Full server scan

Added new batch mode option to scan a full server (only works with latest version of designPropEZ database)

So that's it - a brief overview of the new features in EZ Suite v8.5 that we know will make you significantly more productive. Again, to get a more detailed picture of the EZ Suite, please take a look at the product page and online demos.

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