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What's New in EZ Suite 8?

All products are Lotus Notes R5.x, R6.x, R7.x, R8.x compatible

What's New in All Products?

Improved product registration process

Registration form can now be completed within product—you no longer need to use a web browser to fill in the registration form.

Click here to see the complete version history list.

Click to see scanEZ tool features and benefits What's New in scanEZ 8?

Re-categorize contents of MySelection virtual folders

Now you can re-categorize anything inside a scanEZ MySelection folder. The categorizations are powerful and flexible (you can categorize by field values, formulas, view column values or use no categorization at all and display documents flat).

Enhanced titling options

Now you have even more control over how Notes are displayed in scanEZ. You can use a view or folder column's values for document titles—this makes use of your existing view indexes for fast performance.

Grouping grid capability in the multi-document Diff and Values features

Instantly group, sort and filter your data in a couple of clicks with the grouping grid capabilities that have been added to the Diff and Values panels—making them even more useful than ever before.

The scanEZ Extension Database

This new add-on overcomes a Note API limitation and lets you open multiple documents from any Lotus Notes view in scanEZ--no agents required. The Extension Database also supports processing a list of web URLs and then opening the documents in scanEZ.

Real-time notes.ini server editing capability

Now you can edit the notes.ini file on a server directly in scanEZ's notes.ini file editor.

Click to see aclEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in aclEZ 8?

Enable or disable roles en mass for databases with dissimilar ACLs

It is now possible to enable or disable roles for heterogeneous selections of ACL entries.

Click to see agentEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in agentEZ 8?

Added agent schedule chart feature (agent timeline)

Now you can see all agent runtime schedules on a server in a chart. Agent runtimes are graphically displayed on a Gantt chart for quick and easy analysis—see when agents are scheduled to run, how long they ran and how they affect the server load.

Click to see signEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in signEZ 8?

Database exception feature for stored IDs

For any stored signing ID in signEZ, now you can specify a list of databases where you want to explicitly deny signing access. This feature supports ? and * wild cards in database names for the quick and easy setup of sophisticated access rules.

Click to see viewEZ tool features and benefitsWhat's New in viewEZ 8?

Filter by properties feature

Looking for a view or folder that have a specific property setting? Use the new Filter by properties feature to quickly identify those views and folders in seconds.

Use templates to mass modify view properties

A great feature that allows you use an existing view as a template to apply a set of view properties to multiple views!

So that's it - a brief overview of the new features in EZ Suite v8 that we know will make you significantly more productive. Again, to get a more detailed picture of the EZ Suite, please take a look at the product page and online demos.

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