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agentEZ Testimonial
In just one situation, agentEZ saved us dozens of hours of manual effort and helped us prevent any service disruption to our thousands of Notes users. Well done - a valued tool in our arsenal that I would recommend to anyone wishing to save time and improve service levels.
—Norm Van Bergen, Collaborative Applications Architect, Symcor Inc.

Before we had agentEZ we had no way of getting a complete overview of the agents running on both our internal and our customers' environments.
What's more, we have a very complex development environment and before acquiring this tool it wasn't always easy to keep track of which agents were set to run, and which ones were disabled.
Now that we've implemented agentEZ, we have full control—and the result is a healthier development environment where fewer resources are being expended unnecessarily!
— Dagfinn Rasmussen, Technology Manager, UniSea AS

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