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signEZ Testimonial
The main reasons for me to use signEZ are:
  • That I can sign only the elements that need to be signed.
  • This is especially usefull when a design change has been made to the mail template. This prevents a lot of replication (and questions) for the users.
  • That it does a better job than the Domino Administrator client, because signEZ signs ALL elements, whereas the Domino Administrator sometimes skips some elements.
  • That I don't need to switch ID's to sign databases with another ID file.
  • That I can sign databases and still use the Administrator client.
  • That signing particular applications / multiple databases is very easy using the signEZ database.
—Anton Soloviev, Notes Developer, INVESTSBERBANK

The top benefits for me are:
  • The ability to sign design elements by a trusted ID without having to grant access to the physical ID or password.
  • Separation of Duties and Process Control have become major issues in the new Sarbanes-Oxley procedures environment, and signEZ appears to allow us to remove the development staff from the moving and signing of design elements in the production environment.
—Comments from a survey on Ytria products

I can't tell you how much time signEZ and actionBarEZ has saved me in cleaning up old databases.
—Marilyn Laudadio, Principal Certified Lotus Professional, St Ives Inc. US Division

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