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viewEZ has saved me 100s of hours! We have a suite of databases that make up our CRM and we were changing the properties on every single view (i.e. alternating row colors, fonts, etc). What would have normally taken most of a week for my entire team was cut down to less than an hour to do the entire suite of databases.
—Neale A. Wooten, Notes Development Team Lead, Senior Software Architect, Perceptive Software, Inc.

Work which would have taken us one week can now be done in one half-day using viewEZ and actionBarEZ. The rapidity with which we can make massive amounts of changes in the database makes us more daring; and we can now afford to try out different combinations before settling on a final design.
—Andrew Magerman, Project Manager – Head of Development, Sobis Software

This is another tool that I can see saving vast quantities of tedium. Like actionbarEZ, viewEZ makes QC easier too. I can ensure I have consistency across columns and views with much greater speed and ease.
—Jerry Carter, Chief Technologist, Datatribe Softwerks, Ltd.
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We never liked these boring jobs where we have to change the design on many places. Having a tool like viewEZ we can do these jobs in a minute, where before we needed several hours. Besides the fact of efficiency, it's also more effective due to the fact we have a better overview. I wish we had this tool years ago!
—Willem Leber, Senior Developer (Metaware a Dutch based IT consultancy company)

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