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Reviews and Awards

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DominoPower Magazine, January 2010

"For [analyzing] unsuccessful [agent] runs, or for signatures listed with no runs at all.. you'll need to grope through all the databases on the server to find the agents and check their signatures. I've found Ytria's agentEZ tool to be the answer here. It will show you what databases have what scheduled agents and who signed them, as well as when they last ran."

—From the article "LOG ANALYSIS: More about Domino log files," By Mick Moignard, Domino Power Magazine

DominoPower Magazine, 2007

Featuring: scanEZ, actionBarEZ, designPropEZ, signEZ and viewEZ

... From a technical perspective, they do what they say on the tin, and they do it quickly. They're easy to use, and in many ways familiar—such as the use of a properties box that mimics the Notes one. ...

—Mick Moignard, DominoPower Magazine

DominoPower Magazine, 2003

Featuring: scanEZ, actionBarEZ, designPropEZ, signEZ and viewEZ

...I really encourage you to take a couple of minutes of your time to check these tools out and believe me, you'll probably get a crush on them. I know I did...

—Benoit Dubuc, DominoPower Magazine

Lotus Advisor magazine, 2006 Editors' Choice Award

Lotus Advisor magazine has awarded Ytria scanEZ a 2006 Editors' Choice Award in the category of Development: Design.

Ytria scanEZ provides a 'back door' to any Notes database, and lets you view designs, documents, fields and their contents, profiles, conflicts, and even deletion stubs. You can add, modify, and delete fields directly on one or many documents directly from the viewer (no more writing agents you'll only use one time!).

YTRIA scanEZ is a "why doesn't Lotus Notes/Domino already come with this?" product. Ytria scanEZ includes an easy-to-use interface for viewing and resolving replication conflicts, and lets you view and modify pending replication transactions.


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