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Impressed with @ytria ScanEZ - just saved me time fixing a document hierarchy.
@MartinPerrie (Martin Perrie)
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viewEZ saved me from hours of boring work.
Mark  Myers

That is one of the reasons why I absolutely love the Ytria and Teamstudio tools.  Open the document click Ytrias ScanEZ and take a quick look at all the Authors and Readers fields that someone has put into that document.  And after that fire up Teamstudio Configurator to check out where in that code this field is set this way programmatically.     Those two in combinations have saved me days of gruelling work.
Thomas Schulte 

Have I mentioned lately how much @Ytria tools for Lotus Notes/Domino ROCK!!!!
Bruce Elgort, belgort (Twitter)
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scanEZ (my can't-live-without-it add-on for Notes)
Jake Howlett, Codestore
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I save more time with Ytria's products than I ever thought I would, especially when trying to solve data issues.
Sean Burgess, Phigment (Twitter)
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Among the many great things about Ytria's scanEZ tool is its ability to perform operations on a Notes database in what amounts to a background process. In other words, the Notes client itself is not tied up waiting for agents or other lengthy operations to finish running.
Kevin Pettitt,
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Ytria tools just saved me half a day.
Matt White, 11TMR
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If you are a Notes developer looking to improve your productivity, I encourage you to check out Ytria tools.
Eric Mack, Notes on Productivity
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Yesterday I needed to add a shared action to each of about 10 views in a Notes application. Unsure of whether Ytria actionBarEZ could help with this, I opened the tool and was pleased to discover that all I had to do was select the target views, and then drag the needed shared action to each of the views. What a time-saver!
Joe Litton,
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In the past, changing the color of the action bars and buttons on dozens of forms and views would have meant hours of mind-numbing drudgery. Using actionBarEZ, I believe the entire process took about 2 minutes. Literally two minutes versus several hours!
Joe Litton,

Their developer tools are a fantastic time saver and in some cases a lifesaver. I can't count the number of times ScanEZ has come to the rescue
Declan Sciolla-Lynch, Dec's Dom Blog—Creator of BlogSphere

When the views were all created, I used viewEZ to set all views to a uniform font, uniform alternate row coloring, etc ...within about one minute. I have no idea how long this would have taken to do if we were to go into each view and manually adjust the parameters, but it would have been at least a couple of hours, and would have been error-prone, mind-numbing drudgery.
Joe Litton,

Yesterday I purchased Ytria's EZSuite and I am happy to announce that I could have very easily completely cost justified my purchase with just one day's usage of two of the tools (designPropEZ and actionBarEZ.) Ytria has built this toolset to be exactly what developers and administrators need: good tools that do their jobs well.
Andy Broyles, Andy Broyles' Blog

Certainly ScanEZ is worth it's weight in gold for me and I'll be recommending it to my clients.
Matt White, 11TMR
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This tool is well worth the money spent and I would say should be in the armory for any Lotus Notes developer. YTRIA is the magic wand that can help you throw some pleasant surprises for your consumers!
Yellow Collaborates

This is the Notes document's property box on steroids. How I lived without this I do not know. One of the tools I seem to use every day and find a new use for each time I do. I still plan to write more about how it can be a life saver...
Jake Howlett, Codestore
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