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Thorough NAB Exploration

Install order in any Domino Directory through dedicated functions to clarify group and hierarchy management.

At the heart of every IBM Notes and Domino environment is the Name and Address Book (NAB)—also known as the Domino Directory. But the traditional way of managing person entries and groups individually can get quite time consuming.
Want an easier way to maneuver throughout this essential part of IBM Notes and Domino operation?

aclEZ's NAB Group Navigator is an exclusive built-in tool that offers you a complete solution for dealing with your group memberships. View and manipulate any aspect of the group structure of your Domino Directories through a central, visually intuitive interface.

Expanded visibility and control for every group in every Name and Address Book on a given server, no matter their position in the hierarchy:

  • Access EVERY group in EVERY NAB on a given server—discover all their members no matter their position in the hierarchy. Search multiple Domino Directories as one (providing that they have been set up using Directory Assistance).
  • View any given NAB's entire group membership hierarchy at once, and in 2 different ways:
    • See a clear and exportable tree-style group "map" that automatically highlights groups containing any types of issues such as members without a corresponding Person, Group, or Server type document, and more.
    • Get a grid-style map with all the same detailed information and indications—sort and filter NAB group data points.
  • Apply a variety of pre-loading filters to target only the selected groups or members that you need—save time and pinpoint data faster.
  • Manage your groups effectively and without the need to dig into your actual Domino Directory.
    • Add or remove members to or from groups within only a few clicks.
    • Copy any number of people from, and to, any number of different groups.
    • Manage your group hierarchies by easily creating, copying (or removing) sub-groups to and from one another.

Bring previously unattainable aspects of groups and memberships to light through aclEZ-exclusive visual exploration of the groups within the Domino Directories on your server. This means a greater understanding of the group hierarchy of your NABs than you've ever had before.

Discern the group memberships for a set of users.

Unlike in the Domino Administrator and Notes client, aclEZ allows you to search and discern the group memberships for MULTIPLE users at once. Say goodbye to long back-and-forth searches thanks to the clear flexYgrid layout and powerful grouping features. A full audit of all group memberships for a set of users is only a few clicks away.

Locate and remove invalid group members.

Groups are hard to keep up to date. Unfortunately, AdminP doesn’t always take care of administration changes like users leaving the company. This can leave you with groups full of people who are no longer with your company. Target these invalid group member entries in seconds.

Uncover empty and recursive groups.

Recursive groups (groups that contain themselves) are a well-known problem point in Domino administration. Performance issues arise due to the infinite loops they create, so it is important to keep these in check. While they don't have a huge impact on performance, empty groups needlessly clutter your environment.
Without any need to dig into the call stacks, aclEZ allows you to hunt these problems down in only a couple steps.

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