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ACL Adjustments of Any Size

No ACL adjustment is too big or too small.

Modifying ACLs in Domino Administrator normally requires a bit of a workaround if you ever need to work on more than one database at a time.

aclEZ lets you modify any aspect of any number of ACLs across an entire server simultaneously. The Ytria exclusive flexYgrid interface makes viewing and editing fast and accurate. Sort, filter, and group your data (as many ACLs as you choose) directly in the grid. A complete global overview of your changes, coupled with aclEZ's two-step data saving process, allows you to work in confidence throughout your entire process.

Take advantage of superior, server-wide management over your ACLs:

  • Create new ACL entries for as many databases as you want, on any given server, simultaneously
  • Copy a selection of ACL entries sourced from as many databases as you want to as many databases as you choose, all without guesswork.
  • Modify ACL entry properties such as Access Level, Type, and more—across multiple databases at once.
  • Remove ACL entries from as many databases as you want ­in just one easy step.
  • Rename multiple ACLs, or even perform a search and replace in ACL names across multiple databases, in only a couple of clicks.
  • And much more…

Who doesn`t want an improvement in both speed and accuracy when it comes to managing these vital aspects. You don't have to dig very deep to find a multitude of scenarios that could benefit from the power and flexibility of aclEZ.

Fix Default Web Access through Anonymous ACL Entries.

Do you have applications that are accessible through the web? Which ones, and how much access is provided? Once all of your ACL entries are loaded into aclEZ, revealing which databases have an Anonymous ACL entry (which defines default anonymous web access) only takes a couple steps. From there, just point and click to change it all.

Create and deploy an entirely new administration group across all databases.

aclEZ's mass-editing features also allow for quick solutions to situations that were difficult to keep a close eye on. Would you like to create a new administration group and deploy it over multiple databases? Once you have created it in your names.nsf file, propagating a new ACL entry with aclEZ is a snap.

Remove old, decommissioned servers from ACLs.

Either due to an incomplete process, or human error, decommissioned servers usually remain as defunct entries in most database ACLs. This type of clutter makes it harder to oversee which servers can access what applications. Tidy up your ACLs once and for all.

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