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Automatic Background Check on All Notes Names

Target irrelevant or obsolete ACL entries, group members, and more across an entire Domino server using the integrated Check Presence in NAB feature.

Be it a Person, Server, or Group document, the link between these components and your organization’s Name and Address Book (Domino Directory) isn't actively managed. When Person (or Group) documents are deleted, or when servers are decommissioned the AdminP function often fails to fully execute as exhaustive a check as is needed.

The AdminP skips over removal of related ACL entries, group memberships, and Name values more often than you think.

aclEZ’s integrated Check Presence in NAB feature kicks the already detailed visual overview of your ACL entries up a notch by automatically highlighting ALL names not present in the Domino Directory including Group, Server, and Person entries.

This feature will also signal group members that are not found in the NAB.

These indicators put you on the fast track for a number of evaluation possibilities that just aren't feasible in the native Domino Administrator tools:

  • Single out ANY old & irrelevant ACL Entries across your server instantly. Moreover, it only takes one click to remove them—even if they are located across thousands of databases.
  • Reveal group members missing from the NAB across ALL groups in a given Domino Directory Get a true one-click cleanup for your groups.
  • Discover unused, orphan mailboxes through automatically highlighted obsolete mail owner entries.
  • Create detailed exclusion lists to manage false positives, and indicate cross-certified user permissions
  • Consider mail-in databases and alternate email address names.

Bring order to the user/group structure of your Domino server in a snap using the Check Presence in NAB feature's automatic indications:

Identify and analyze old, irrelevant ACL entries across an entire server.

Since the Check Presence in NAB feature is enabled by default, any ACL entries loaded from selected databases undergo a thorough background check to determine if they are present in any of the specified Domino Directories.
Once your ACLs are loaded into the grid, you are just a couple drag-and-drop column groupings away from research and actions that were once impossible.

Locate and remove irrelevant group memberships across multiple NABs.

When users are removed from an organization’s Name and Address Book, the AdminP function is tasked with the daunting job of removing their memberships, ACLs, and more. As we know, this quite often fails due to various reasons. And this shortcoming leaves ACL, or even messaging, groups full of irrelevant names and can sometimes even jeopardize security.
Also, by using the Check Presence in NAB feature, aclEZ’s NAB Group Navigator will automatically highlight any group members that weren’t found in the organization’s NAB during loading. This presents you with numerous benefits that are, once again, only pipe dreams in the native tools.

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