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Complete ACL Management

Handle all aspects of ACLs across your entire server through one central solution.

Traditionally, managing this aspect of security has required lots of digging through and analysis of individual databases’ ACL entries. But is there a better and more thorough way to deal with ACLs and give the modern IBM Domino administrator a power-up when it comes to the process of ACL management?

aclEZ lets you see any number of ACL entries at once, from either individual databases or the entirety of a given server to compare or modify them within a few clicks. Need to get down to the specifics? Sort and filter them with easy and intuitive controls.

Look beyond the traditional ways of exploring and modifying ACLs—the vital keys to your IBM Notes and Domino security.

Clear access and sweeping, server-wide power

Get a quick and thorough analysis of your entire ACL structure.

Modify a few of your ACL entries, or modify them all—even across databases.

Mass-manage database-level ACL properties found in the Advanced and Log tab of the Notes client's ACL controls.

Create, evaluate, and manage roles on any number of databases at once.

Create thorough ACL data reports at any time through simple copy/paste actions or various pre-formatted export functions.

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