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Extended Effective Access Analysis

Calculate Effective Access for users, servers, and groups across an entire server at once.

When it comes to seeing who has access to what, and why, the native Notes tools do serve their purpose. But because they are limited to one user and one database at a time, getting the whole picture can be a difficult prospect

With aclEZ, you can approach access analysis from multiple angles—you can rely on ACL entries, but sometimes that's just not enough. The Group Expander allows you to see all the details of every group. But figuring out true, prevailing access levels can be daunting even with all of this information. And this is where aclEZ's advanced Effective Access calculator comes in.

aclEZ extends the native tool's Effective Access function and lets you perform calculations for multiple users across multiple databases—even an entire server:

  • View the entire access situation—including all roles—for all selected users against databases for a full understanding of the prevailing access rights.
  • Sort, filter, and group your results for a thorough understanding of access permissions.
  • Remedy any inconsistent or undesirable aspects with a wide array of tools— everything you need is right at your fingertips.
  • Create detailed access status reports in just a few clicks.

aclEZ takes the strain out of the process of calculating the "true" access granted to users through Person entries or Group memberships, and helps you get a handle on the entire access situation quickly.

Perform server-wide Effective Access calculations.

Proper access levels are a large part of a secure, smooth-running environment. However, as important as this is, the task of auditing (and perhaps modifying) a large amount of databases is immensely tedious. Using aclEZ's dedicated Effective Access panel, you have the entire picture in one place.

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