Essentials for IBM Notes Development
& IBM Domino Administration
IBM Lotus Software
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Full Control over Groups, Memberships, and Domino Directories

Get instant exploration of any groups and their members, regardless of level, as well as better navigation through your NAB.

In addition to the flexible, one-stop access and mass-editing capabilities, aclEZ also contains dedicated tools and functions that will redefine best practices for dealing with your Domino Directories and group/membership structure.

With aclEZ's flexibility, power, and unmatched insight into your Domino Directories, groups, and their members, you'll have everything you need to overhaul how you deal with these vital aspects.

Groups and memberships, clarified

Find and audit all members of all Group-type ACL entries on a server—no matter where they are in the hierarchy—all in one interface. Deal with groups and permissions in a better way.

Dig into your Domino Directory with unmatched ease and clarity. Quickly examine all user entries and memberships to keep everything up to date.

Verify stand-alone users through a dedicated tool to find users that are not part of any groups.

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Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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