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Full Integration: Notes, Domino, and EZ Suite

Bridge to other Ytria products, directly from aclEZ, to save time and gain consistency.

aclEZ is deeply integrated with your Notes, Administrator, and Designer clients, as well as the entire suite of Ytria tools. Start aclEZ as a clean slate and choose what to load from its interface, or inspect ACLs on demand in only a click.

Integrated with Notes, Domino, and EZ Suite

Benefit from quick-and-easy bridges to the different tools and your environment:

  • Locate and analyze any given ACL entry by their name, type, access level, and more.
  • Quickly launch aclEZ in one click from the Ytria toolbar, or from the Eclipse widget, to instantly access individual databases or an entire given server.
  • Jump to other Ytria tools for further exploration of agents, to sign designs, deep-dive into documents, and more using the integrated bridges with the tools themselves.
  • Open a set of databases in aclEZ directly from other Ytria programs such as databaseEZ.

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Thousands of organizations use Ytria software for faster Notes development and better Domino administration

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