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Thorough, Server-Wide ACL Evaluation

See all ACLs on a given server in one central grid interface.

ACLs are a central player in a smooth running and secure IBM Notes and Domino environment. And yet, when you manage them through the Domino Administrator client, the process generally consists of one-by-one inspection/modification.
What if you could see and compare an entire server’s worth of ACLs all at once?

aclEZ gives you a completely new way to look at your ACLs—a way to see all ACL entries from as many databases as you want, on any given server.

Your ACL analysis has never been this easy or complete:

  • Locate and analyze any given ACL entry by their name, type, access level, and more.
  • Load ACLs quickly by simply selecting a database, server, or folder—sort, group, and filter your ACL entries by any combination of attributes.
  • Spot invalid ACL entries across your entire server instantly thanks to an automatic background check that compares all ACL entries with Person, Group, and Server documents in the NAB(s) of your choice.
  • Identify all ACL entries belonging to Mail Owners and/or Administration Servers, and analyze their access levels.
  • Compare ACLs across all mailbox and database instances to locate inconsistencies
  • Craft robust security reports in only a couple of clicks, you can copy/paste your data or export to various popular format document types (in HTML, Excel, XML, or .csv).

aclEZ gives you access to an unmatched amount of ACL data and sets the stage for you to do everything from quickly solving current access problems, to keeping an eye out for future security problems. Let's look at a couple of situations where mass-editing capability, coupled with better insight into your Domino Directory, can save you time and prevent future worries. (Need to modify a large quantity of ACLs? Find out how.)

Get a snapshot of global access rights.

aclEZ's unique ability to scour ACL entries spanning an entire server (and then display them in a central workspace) offers you powerful analytic capabilities. Intuitive filters and grouping can bring some surprising facts to light in only a few steps.

Analyze global Default Access rights.

If having a servers worth of ACL entries right at your finger tips isn't already great, in just a few more clicks you can group them by their name for a complete overview of access levels. Looking at all of your Default ACL entries' access levels is so easy to do, and it can reveal some very important details.

Find and understand outdated ACL entries in all the databases on your server.

The normal flow of employees coming and going in an organization can leave you with some outdated (and sometimes problematic) ACL entries. Because aclEZ's built-in Check Presence in NAB feature automatically highlights irrelevant and outdated ACL entries (entries attached to users, groups, or servers no longer found in the Domino Directory) an audit of these entries because quick and easy.

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