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Special Search for Notes Names Not Part of Any Groups

Single out users that aren’t members of any groups.

The process for setting and maintaining IBM Notes and Domino's intricate security parameters is extensive. Cases that involve users being left out of groups they're supposed to belong to are entirely possible—human error is always a wolf at the door. This can create bottlenecks in processes depending on which users are involved.
But, how can you find these users in a quick, painless, and accurate manner?

aclEZ includes a dedicated search tool that allows you to scan, in merely a couple of clicks, for users that aren't part of any groups:

  • Audit your NAB(s) network for stand-alone users.
  • Organize and Filter your results through the same Ytria exclusive grid-data mechanics.
  • Open corresponding documents in the Notes Client directly from within the tool to take action.

By eliminating the need to reverse search through Group or Person entries, this tool lets you obtain a list of names that are not found on any Group list—a fantastic starting point (or verification step) when setting out to clean up and organize your NAB.

Locate all users that are not members of any groups.

Ensure consistency in your NAB. Capture a snapshot of users who have fallen through the cracks, or who are needlessly cluttering up your Domino Directory.

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