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Central Control Over Action Bar Settings

Manage all your action bar settings across any number of designs in a database all at once.

Action bars have always been a key UI component in IBM Notes databases, providing the backdrop for action buttons as well as setting the visual palette for the application as a whole. However, keeping a consistent look across multiple designs has always been a hassle; there isn't any native solution to propagate these settings.

actionBarEZ lets you perform mass edits across a selection of multiple designs in an application.

Work with your action bars in a better way:

  • Modify any number of action bar properties across multiple designs in a client-based application.
  • Configure your settings manually, or use existing action bar settings to propagate them to multiple designs within a matter of a few clicks.

Gain full control over action bars with the ability to make consistent mass modifications in only a few clicks with actionBarEZ.

Seamlessly deploy previously designed actionBar settings across all designs in a database.

Managing action bar settings is tough. And this difficulty is a large reason for visually outdated Notes client applications. With the ability to apply existing settings—even from designs in another database—across all designs in an application, actionBarEZ lets you quickly change an entire application's look and feel.

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