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Automation: Extend the Scope of agentEZ

Create macros, and automate tasks from the routine to the complex through the Ytria API.

agentEZ brings the analysis and reporting of agents to all-new levels by giving you the power to oversee the big picture regarding all agents on a server, all at once —not on the per agent/per database method of before.

Using the ever-expanding automation capabilities, you can automate a wide variety of agent-related tasks. What's more, the new Automation Recorder lets you record flexYgrid actions to files that can either be replayed as is, or used as a great starting script to build upon and use across multiple servers.

agentEZ | Automation

Here are only a few of the many functions and processes that you can automate:

  • Load all agents from a selection of databases across one or even multiple servers.
  • Analyze, group, and filter agents automatically to get right to the subset of data you need.
  • Export full reports, or just the part of the data you need, to XML, Excel, CSV, and more. You can even automate the export of Agent Timeline images.

Look below for a couple examples of automated agent-related tasks, as well as the scripts you need to carry them out.

Export an Agent Timeline image for agents within a selection of databases.

As is, this script will generate and export an Agent Timeline readout for all agents within all non-template databases on a currently loaded server.

Get a fast status report for all enabled and scheduled agents.
Get a fast status report for all enabled and scheduled agents.

This script will load all enabled and scheduled agents on a currently loaded server and designate those that did not run. Additionally, it will create an Excel report of all agents, putting those that did run and those that did not on two separate pages.

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