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Full Agent Security Checks

Gain unequalled insight into security-related agent properties.

Agents must be accessed and adjusted one at a time in IBM Notes and Domino; a practical solution for auditing agent security properties has been a bit of a pipe dream. Agents with incorrect signatures, misaligned runtime security levels, rogue agents—detecting suspicious behavior or other issues like these has always been a very difficult prospect. What if there was a way to access all the relevant security properties in one place?

agentEZ is your central access point for server-wide security analysis of all the agents on your server, allowing you far greater insights than any native solution.

See and fix crucial security properties, to bring consistency to your entire agent security situation:

  • Understand the Runtime Security Level for all agents across an entire server and categorize all agents by runtime security level in only a few clicks.
  • Get an instant overview of the ratio of private vs. shared agents across an entire server.
  • Categorize all of your agents according to their signer to single out agents signed by users who are no longer in company—enjoy automatic NAB presence verification at the same time. If you do find problems, remedy this quickly with a direct bridge to signEZ, our comprehensive signature tool.
  • Find (or prevent) the source of problems with Out-of-office agents for multiple users at once (such as enabled out-of-office agents on archive databases or on servers that use the Out-of-Office service)
  • Craft reports of anything you find, through easy-to-use preformatted export options.

There are plenty of aspects to consider when analyzing the security situation of your agents. The benefits of having a one-stop view over these elusive traits are immense. Look some situations in which agentEZ can keep your agents running smoothly with all the proper rights in place.

Display your agents by signers and identify agents that should be running but can’t—due to outdated signatures.

A very common problem in Domino Environments is that after developers leave the company, agents previously worked on and signed by these devs won’t automatically get resigned, they'll just simply stop running. With agentEZ, this is simple problem to solve: just categorize your agents by their signers and find the ones with outdated signature information.

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