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Built-In Property Analyzer for Fast Database Diagnosis

Perform rapid troubleshooting and proactive analysis to uncover databases that match predefined, "at-risk" criteria.

It's one thing to analyze properties and settings on their own, but certain problems arise only when a combination of conditions exist. What's more, this type of analysis often requires multiple steps in order to confirm each point, as well as the foresight to determine where to start.

databaseEZ's Property Analyzer let's you scan an entire server and display databases that match tried and true property value combinations that present cause for investigation.

Scan an entire server for both preset and user definable property value combinations such as:

  • Databases that have reached a user defined size
  • Databases with duplicate Replica IDs
  • Databases set to inherit from nonexistent templates
  • Databases with a given percentage of their size quota remaining
  • Templates with the same name
  • Databases where no documents have been modified since a given number of days
  • Databases where the design has not changed within a given number of days

Perform quick diagnostics on all databases across an entire server. You can even configure the Property Analyzer to automatically scan any server you load.

Instantly spot common administration issues such as databases with low quota left, duplicate Replica IDs, and more.

Thanks to the built-in Property Analyzer, you can scan databases for a variety of common issues. What's more, the settings are configurable to let you scan servers on load by default; set it, forget it, and get full analysis results faster without the need to load your databases.

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