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Detailed Server-Wide Audits for Deep Properties

Get an exclusive global map of ALL properties and settings—including those relevant for security, storage, and designs—for all databases on a server.

IBM Notes databases have a large number of properties and settings that relate to everything from security to storage, all the way to the behavior of designs. Traditionally, most auditing or editing needs to be carried out database-by-database and without any context of the big picture across databases.

Besides the instant access to 82 key properties and settings directly upon loading a server, databaseEZ gives you access to 50 deeper attributes within only a couple of clicks—including some properties that aren't even available in your Notes client—all without any coding. Displaying all your data in a flexible, central interface where you can organize your data any way you choose for a multitude of analysis options.

See over 130 crucial properties and settings for ALL databases on a server in one place—all without any coding:

  • Get a handle on several security settings such as User Activity (recorded/confidential), encryption status and strength, require SSL connection, disable export of view data, etc. for easy large-scale audits of your entire security situation.
  • Maximize the full potential of storage related setting data bring through fast, server-wide analysis of Physical and Logical size, Space Used, DAOS state and statistics, max database size and quote settings, and more.
  • Ensure perfect database-level design coherence across entire servers through the ability to see template inheritance settings, template build properties, database type, the number of various design classes, and more across ALL databases on a server.
  • Retrieve detailed note counts—number of documents, designs (even different design classes such as view of form class notes), private design class notes, deletion stubs—in only a few clicks.
  • And more…

See a list of the deeper properties and settings available in only a few clicks (proper access required).

Get an instant understanding of database corruption, access rights issues, or server side encryption.

Thanks to the two-step loading process, you can get a near-instant snapshot of which applications have issues that prevent access and what types of problems these are, across entire servers in only a few clicks.

See and analyze a tally of database contents, including number of documents, designs, and more.

Thanks to the Note Counters feature, you’ll be able to see the number of documents and designs—as well as separate counts for different classes of designs—per database, across an entire server.

Get fast, detailed reports on Space Used percentages across all databases on server.

In the native Notes client, Space Used percentages must be calculated one database at a time, and even the Administrator client often lacks a full overview. Use databaseEZ to quickly spot any databases with out-of-date Space Used information and calculate them all at once in only a click. You can even fix databases with low Space Used percentages through direct console commands, or even IND file exports.

Review your database encryption status across an entire server.

Whether you need to ensure that all databases are encrypted on behalf of the server, or you prefer not to have them encrypted, databaseEZ has you covered by letting you see the current encryption status and strength for all databases across entire server—even databases who are set to be but not yet encrypted. You can even encrypt or decrypt en-masse, directly from databaseEZ.

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