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Direct Console Commands

Invoke console commands to process multiple database, on the fly, directly from databaseEZ.

Thorough application of all the analysis options available in databaseEZ can uncover some deep-seated problems. But don't worry. Even if the issues you find require corrective actions on the server side, forget the long process of opening your console through the Administrator client; you can push commands to the console directly from within databaseEZ*.

Work with console commands without ever having to open your console:

  • Send pre-set commands (such as Compact, Fixup, Updall, or DBMT) or create your own custom commands, along with any required switches, directly in the context of your analysis results.
  • Build accurate commands fast with help from the inline Command Line Options Helper tool—no more time lost searching for switches!
  • Generate Domino Indirect (IND) files on a selection of databases in only a few clicks.
*Proper console rights are required.

Quickly identify and fix all corrupted databases.

When loading full database information, databaseEZ automatically identifies any errors encountered when trying to open databases (such as "Consistency check is needed"). Thanks to the contextual console commands feature, you can simply select these databases and send the appropriate Fixup server console command to your server, all without needing to remember the database path or researching the needed switches.

Identify and compact all databases with less than 95% space used.

Using databaseEZ’s unique ability to calculate Space Used percentages on the fly, you can quickly identify multiple databases in need of a compact. If a large number of databases are found, no problem. databaseEZ let's you export the databases into an IND file so you can process them all using a single Compact or DBMT console command thread.

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