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Easy Replica ID and Database ID Management

Handle Replica IDs and Database IDs through dedicated features, as well as an array of properties and settings that affect replication.

Traditionally, Database IDs and Replica IDs have been a read-only attribute as far as the Notes Administrator client is concerned. If you've ever wanted to modify these IDs, you've undoubtedly come up against this impasse before.

databaseEZ lets you put these attributes to work for you in ways that were once impossible, by letting you modify their values either individually, or across several databases at the same time.

Solve problems that have traditionally eluded administrators:

  • View and copy/paste any Replica ID or assign a Replica ID of your choice.
  • Create new random Replica IDs for multiple databases at once.
  • Generate multiple Database IDs simultaneously (when working locally).
Quickly assign new Replica IDs to all standard IBM templates.

Changing the default Replica ID for IBM-shipped standard templates is considered a security best practice as it mitigates vulnerabilities from web crawlers using those Replica IDs. With databaseEZ you can isolate these templates on a sever and assign new Replica IDs to all of them in merely two clicks.

Break or make replication connections between individual databases.

Whether you want to disconnect two replicas, or link up replication between database copies, databaseEZ makes it a breeze to work with these relationships.

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