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Mass-Modifications for Database Settings

Perform large-scale modifications on a wide array of properties and settings across all databases on a server.

In addition to the time factor involved in the one-by-one process of modifying settings over several databases is the lack of full clarity when it comes to the big picture across databases.

databaseEZ lets you modify anything that you can in your Notes client, but on a server-wide scale. Modify multiple settings* (see full list below) for multiple different databases at once. And because you have all the information available to you at once within flexYgrid enabled panels, you'll have full clarity and context to any work you do.

Bring new standards of productivity and understanding to your workflow. Here are only some of the operations you can perform on multiple databases at once:

  • Modify basic database properties such as 'Database Type' and 'Disable background agents', web settings like ‘Require SSL connection’, and more.
  • Manage a variety of application design settings ranging from updating templates to the otherwise not-modifiable Template Build Properties (Template build name, version, date, etc.)
  • Easily review and adjust quota settings.
  • Manage replication settings ranging from the PIRC (Purge Interval Replication Control) setting to deletion stub life times, disable replication en-masse, and more.
  • Set user activity recording states and encryption status, manage replica IDs, etc.

*Proper access levels required for some modifications.

See the full list of properties and settings

Quickly review and adjust the PIRC (Purge Interval Replication Control) setting across all databases.

Introduced in Domino 8.5.3, the PIRC feature prevents previously deleted documents from popping up again. But enabling this setting is a normally a heavy job, requiring attention on a per database and replica basis. With databaseEZ, you can enable PIRC for all databases in just one click.

Manage the little-known Template Build Properties en-masse.

Template Build information such as template name, version, release date, and tool information is neither well known nor easily manageable using the native administration tools. With databaseEZ you can analyze your databases (e.g. mail files) to discover what .x or FP release template they were created with, or even set template build information on your custom application for a better audit trail.

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