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Near-Instant Overview of Key Properties

Get to crucial, high-level information fast thanks to tiered data loading.

Server-wide database property exploration can end up taking lots of time in the native Notes client. Depending on which properties you need to see, and also the access level you have to the databases in question, there are many different hang-ups that you can encounter.

databaseEZ lets you quickly call up a full audit of high-level database properties for all databases on a server directly upon loading:

  • View 82 properties (see the full list of tier 1 properties below) for all databases on a given server within seconds of startup, all in one central work center without the need for database access.*
  • Spot common administration issues fast thanks to the built-in Property Analyzer. All properties are available directly upon startup.
  • Compile fast basic status reports—such as database size and space used percentages—for large sectors of your Domino environment. Your reports are guaranteed to be more accurate and complete.
  • And more…

* Please note that databaseEZ relies solely on the Notes C API to gather these properties and does not circumvent IBM Notes and Domino security.

Check out the list of properties and settings available at tier 1 launch, regardless of your access level.

Because you can choose how deep you want to go, you'll have added control over the time it takes to get to the information you need.

Learn more information about deeper information loading tiers.

Get a server-wide understanding of application size proportions by type, folder, and more.

Use databaseEZ to retrieve size-related data such as Physical and Logical sizes; use easy analysis options to calculate database size averages, get summaries, minimums and maximums per folder, database type, and more across an entire server in only a few clicks.

Quickly oversee your database On Disk Structures (ODS Versions) across an entire server.

ODS Versions are only one of 130+ properties managed by databaseEZ, but it’s critical that they are up to date with your Domino server version. Get an immediate understanding of ODS versions used*, all without needing to have access to databases in question.

*Upgrade ODS versions by sending console commands directly from within databaseEZ (if the appropriate notes.ini values are set on your server).

Instantly spot common administration issues such as low quota left, duplicate replica IDs, and more.

With the Property Analyzer, you can scan databases for a number of common issues, and saving your settings, you’ll get those results even before loading your databases – since this works with properties and settings available at tier 1. Find out more.

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