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One-Stop Database Property Overview

See over 130 database properties and settings in one central access point.

The large amount of properties and settings offered in IBM Notes databases brings a great amount of flexibility. But getting the entire picture in the native client is hindered by not only property window navigation issues, but also limitations regarding which of these attributes are shown.

Opening an IBM Domino server in databaseEZ gives you a whole different story—a multi-level approach to analysis.

Using the concept of "tiered loading" you'll be able to see basic, key properties directly upon launch and then load an array of progressively deeper attributes in only a few more clicks—seeing all of this information in a central, feature-rich display.

Server-wide access to over 130 database properties and settings

Get a near-instant overview of key, high-level properties and settings for ALL databases across an entire server—even databases that you don't have access to.

Perform deep, sever-wide analysis on over 130 properties and settings—security, storage, and design related— and even retrieve additional data such as current note counts, all in only a few clicks.

Modify any number of properties and settings across multiple databases at once, all with the full knowledge of the global situation.

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