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Extensive Automation

Create macros, and automate tasks from the routine to the complex through the Ytria API.

databaseEZ brings a powerful "strength in numbers" approach to analysis and reporting of database properties and settings to all-new levels by giving you the power to oversee all properties and settings for all databases on a server—all at once instead of working with individual databases.

But beyond that, you can automate a wide variety of tasks, such as pulling specific periodic reports or even extending databaseEZ's scope through the ever-expanding automation capabilities.

What's more, the new Automation Recorder lets you record your actions to files that you can replay as is, or use as a great starting script to build upon.

databaseEZ even works as a sort of command center for single databases, allowing you to process a selection of databases with automation scripts in only a few clicks.

databaseEZ Reporting

Here are only a few of the many functions and processes that you can automate:

  • Load all properties and settings from a selection of databases across even multiple servers into a pre-defined grid configuration of your choice.
  • Analyze, group, and filter database attributes automatically in only a couple of clicks.
  • Export thorough audit reports for multiple databases and servers to XML, Excel, CSV, and HTML formatted reports.
  • And much more.

Look below for a couple examples of what you can accomplish by multiplying databaseEZ's scope or creating "push-button" processes, as well as the scripts you need to carry them out.

Quickly calculate the Space Used percentage* for all databases on a server loaded in databaseEZ.

This simple script will calculate the Space Loaded percentage for all databases on a server that you already have loaded in databaseEZ and export the results to an Excel file.

*Sufficient access rights required.

Create a new item across all documents in a specific category—and across multiple databases.

This script uses one of the features that gives rise to databaseEZ being called a "command center for single databases"—the 'Execute Automation File On…' option found in databaseEZ's context menu—to create a new item that you can define in all documents of a category of your choice, across multiple databases.

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