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Server-Wide Audits for View and Folder Indexes

Obtain and analyze view and folder index information such as size and Discard/Refresh settings for multiple databases across an entire server, all at once.

Server performance and storage space are closely interknit. With up to 95% of your allocated space possibly occupied by oversized view and folder indexes, not knowing the whole story can present major storage and performance problems. If your only analysis tool is the native Administrator client, an overall assessment is out of reach.

databaseEZ lets you get a thorough overview of the entire situation thanks to the ability to harness this data across multiple databases into one central interface—eliminating guess work and providing the starting point for analysis that just isn't possible in the native toolkit.

Diagnose and solve hard-to-find performance and storage problems related to view indexes:

  • Quickly find the views and folders whose indexes take up the most storage space.
  • Purge multiple view indexes simultaneously in only a few clicks—even across multiple databases.
  • Establish a complete server-wide overview of index Refresh and Discard settings.
  • And more…
Sort your databases by their overall index size information to find the heaviest databases.

Thanks to databaseEZ’s ability to parse view and folder index sizes from as many databases as you want on a server and the flexible data manipulation features, getting a clear, server-wide understanding of summarized index sizes is just a few clicks away.

Locate unused views in just a couple of clicks.

Although ‘last used’ information isn’t available for views, databaseEZ gives you an easy workaround. In only a few quick steps, you can not only isolate views with discarded indexes, but also identify views not used in the past 45, 60 or 90 days.

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