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Specialized Tools for Specific Actions

Beyond the advanced mechanics of the flexYgrid, databaseEZ offers plenty of task-specific tools.

On its own, the data scanning and display engine behind databaseEZ, the flexYgrid, lets you work with your IBM Notes data through a perspective that just isn't possible with the native toolkit.

But beyond the numerous advantages working with your data in this way presents, databaseEZ also gives you access to a range of powerful built-in tools that take the guesswork and puzzling out of time-consuming, complex tasks.

Built-in tools to perform tasks that have been traditionally impossible, or impractical due to time constraints

Audit an entire server's usage activity for a detailed, multi-angle portrait of database usage trends.

Handle Replica IDs and Database IDs in all-new ways not possible in the traditional Notes toolkit.

Get to the bottom of difficult-to-spot storage and performance problems through a powerful view and folder index tool.

Diagnose common, dangerous database problems across an entire server in only a few clicks.

Launch console commands, foolproof command line instructions, and more through a dedicated console command interface.

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