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A Clear Vision of Your Clusters

Verify a server to find its cluster and all cluster members. See all their databases, cluster settings, and even the contents of your Cluster Directory database.

The Domino Cluster Replicator is governed by the settings and contents of the Cluster Directory database. This cumbersome database is the only resource you have in the native tools to see the global picture of what the cluster is "supposed" to do; it contains a list of databases on the clustered servers, and status for properties such as Marked for deletion, Take part in replication, and Do not replicate.

Perform a complete analysis of your clusters in a only couple of clicks with replicationEZ:

  • Retrieve a complete comparison list of all the databases and replicas that span the given cluster that you are working in.
  • View and analyze replica status in one complete interface. Get the same central, global overview for cluster related properties and settings as you have for other database properties.
  • Categorize your analysis results by important properties such as Marked for deletion and Do not replicate and make use of the exclusive Is on server property to determine if the settings are truly correct.
  • Spot duplicates instantly thanks to automatic duplicate detection.
  • And more…

If you want cluster replication to work smoothly, it's a good idea to keep a handle on the general situation. But taking the settings that the Cluster Directory shows you for granted can be a mistake. With replicationEZ, you be able see the inner relations of a given cluster, and contrast the settings with what is truly happening.

Get a 100% accurate second opinion on how your cluster and/or scheduled replication works.

replicationEZ's Cluster Analyzer and Connection Analyzer tools give you enormous insight into your replication settings, but things don’t always go as planned. Solidify your understanding with the ability to track up to 1000 documents to see where they're from and how long it took them to replicate, even how long it took for any modifications to replicate across all the database's replicas.

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