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A Complete Map of Your Replication Landscape

Oversee the entirety of your replication situation from multiple angles—all from one central interface.

With replication being such a core aspect of the IBM Notes and Domino platform, it's surprising that the native tools don't make it easier for you to get a handle on the "big picture." Workflow is limited to cross-checking between static lists and dialog boxes.

replicationEZ is a game changer, letting you see a global replication snapshot—including a graphical chart of your replication topology, and up to 80 different properties—across multiple servers all at once. Approach your analyses from the angle that best suits your task: zoom in on any problems from the larger context, or perform a forensic analysis directly concentrating on a suspected problem database.

Get a multi-angle look at your replication situation

See your entire replication situation at once, including all databases and their replicas across multiple servers.

See a visual chart of a database's replication history—including all relationships between all replication nodes.

Take a forensic approach to discover all replicas of a given database across your entire network.

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