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Comprehensive Document Tracking

Track documents or designs, based on UNIDs, across all replicas—pinpoint their origin, creator, and more.

In other pages, we've mentioned mapping your replication landscape and searching for replicas of a specific database, but what about replication at the document level? What if you want to know about lower-level replication histories of documents and designs? This is almost impossible to achieve in the native Notes tools; any process of tracking down specific documents and designs across multiple replicas requires a lot of programming.

Track UNIDs across a selection of replicas to reveal extensive information about their replication path:

  • Search for up to 1000 notes—based on their UNIDs—across all replicas of any given database.
  • Retrieve complete, note-specific replication paths and information, such as Added in This File dates, to pinpoint documents' origin server. Find out the creator of the document in only a few clicks more.
  • Verify if your replication is efficient and correct; see the time replication has taken between given servers.
  • Track down the origins of resurrected "ghost" documents that have been replicated back into your environment.
  • And more…

replicationEZ lets you go beyond database-level details into multiple document-level analysis points to track notes across all replicas of a given database.

Get a 100% accurate second opinion on how your cluster and/or scheduled replication works.

Even though scanEZ offers a world-class tool to solve database conflicts, it's still difficult for administrators and developers to even know they exists. replicationEZ comes to the rescue and lets you discover conflicts in multiple databases AND all their replicas. Fix them up by simply by passing the database on to scanEZ, whether that's resolving agent-generated conflicts by removing all $Conflict documents, or addressing them one by one to ensure

Track the path of resurrected "ghost" documents to find their entry point into your environment (and maybe uncover who created them).

Ever experienced "ghost" document resurrections? It's a frustrating occurrence. scanEZ's Post Replication Auditor tool lets you quickly identify these once-deleted documents that reappear due to a replication event. If you want to go further and find out where these documents came from (and maybe even who created them) replicationEZ's 'Track notes' feature can get you there.

Read more in this in-depth blogpost about "ghost" documents.

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