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Conflict Documents, Uncovered

Built-in tools and tight integration allow you to find conflicts across multiple databases, and resolve/merge the conflicting documents.

Administrators usually become aware of conflicts by users signaling database problems. There is no guarantee that users themselves will make the right choice when it comes to dealing with these issues; there is a good chance that they could even compound the problem. You NEED a proactive way of finding and dealing with these problems.

What if there was a way to sweep over vast quantities of databases and their replicas for any conflicts before problems arise?

Detect conflicts across masses of databases in only a few clicks—you'll have all the tools you need to resolve any problems you find:

  • Compare large amounts of databases and all their replicas in an intuitive, central, grid interface and sweep them to uncover conflicts, all in just a couple of clicks.
  • Get to the conflicts you've found fast through the detailed conflict document report.
  • Resolve conflicts quickly and without losing any data through options available directly within the right-click menu—thanks to tight integration with scanEZ and its revolutionary Conflict Solver.

Don't let conflicts catch you off guard! With replicationEZ you can scour huge amounts of databases and all their replicas to find any conflicts before they become even larger problems it's easy to make your environment conflict-free.

Uncover, understand, and painlessly resolve conflicts across databases and servers.

Even though scanEZ offers a world-class tool to solve database conflicts, you still need to know a problem exists in order to fix it. replicationEZ comes to the rescue and lets you discover conflicts in multiple databases AND all their replicas. Once you know, fix them up fast by simply by passing the database on to scanEZ.

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