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Dedicated Agent Comparison Tool

Evaluate the distribution of agents, their attributes, configuration, etc., across multiple databases and all their replicas.

Agent consistency is another aspect to consider when talking about replication. However, comparing agents between databases can be a daunting task in the native Notes toolkit. Comparing agents between replicas across multiple servers is almost impossible.

With agents being so hidden, how would you determine if a given agent has properly replicated throughout all replicas? What if they have replicated, but are, for example, set to run on different servers?

Cross-replica agent comparisons are simple with replicationEZ:

  • See, instantly, if agents are replicated uniformly across all replicas (inconsistencies are automatically highlighted for you).
  • View basic agent property information for all replicas in a dedicated flexYgrid interface—categorize data by any given setting, such as the server they’re set to run on.
  • Repair any agent inconsistencies you find, thanks to direct integration with agentEZ.

If you are encountering replication problems, or even anomalies such as high volumes of conflicts, don't forget to check the status of your agents and compare them across replicas.
While this was once a difficult proposition, replicationEZ gives you what you need to remedy these problems.

Need to zero-in on replication formulas? Check this out.

Ensure cross-replica agent presence and consistent agent properties

Traditionally it's been difficult to verify agents across replicas, but with replicationEZ this can become common, easy practice. See if agents have replicated through all database replicas, or even see if some of their key properties (such as Status, and Run On settings) are properly synchronized, and more.

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