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Enhanced Replication Forensics

See replication status and diagnose issues for individual databases, all in only a few clicks.

Suspect that a database is having replication problems?

replicationEZ brings replication forensics to a brand-new level. Gone are the limited Notes dialog boxes that render your session inoperable and stop workflow for the duration of your search. Drill down from a complete snapshot of your replication situation into a deep-dive exploration of any replication issues you may find—with all the tools you need to fix them right at your fingertips.

Discover and resolve any replication problem:

  • Discover all replicas of a given database across multiple servers, and get a detailed readout of their replication properties.
  • Get a clear understanding of how and when a database has replicated. View all replication history entries in a flexYgrid enabled interface for easy data manipulation, as well as in a graphical replication history chart—this chart is generally all you need to bring any problems to light. Have questions about connection documents? Look here.
  • Compare contents across replicas (e.g. number of documents and designs—even different classes of designs such as replication formula notes and deletion stubs).
  • Track notes, and compare ACLs or agents across replicas; analyze and modify replication settings and selective replication formulas; and more.
  • Clear replication histories, re-replicate databases, copy ACLs across replicas, and more in only a few clicks.

When you're tracking down a replication problem, you want to get to the source fast.
Step up your replication forensics with replicationEZ.

Discover how the Domino Directory has replicated throughout your environment.

Proper replication of the Domino Names and Address Book is crucial. replicationEZ lets you find out everything regarding its replication across all servers. See where and when it replicated, as well as any potential ACL, agent, or design inconsistencies. Fix any problems found directly from replicationEZ.

Ensure replication integrity across all replicas of a database by comparing contents and identifying discrepancies.

It's key to verify that your replicas are in sync. And with the ability to get a map of your replication landscape, as well as discover replicas of any given database, it's only a couple of clicks to get from discovery to a full analysis of replica contents (documents, designs, and even different design classes and deletion stubs).

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