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Exclusive Snapshot of Your Replication Landscape

Get a comprehensive overview of what is replicating, and where.

How well do you understand your environment's replication situation? Which databases are replicating where ... and when? The native IBM Domino Administrator client just doesn't provide you with the proper tools to answer important questions like these.

replicationEZ gives you the most complete snapshot of your replication landscape available. See all databases and their replicas across multiple servers in one flexible, central interface for unequalled insight into your complete replication status.

Proactive maintenance has never been clearer or more complete:

  • See a breakdown explaining the quantity of replicas you have on each server, and which databases those servers have in common. Uncover duplicate replicas instantly, and pinpoint where replicas are missing.
  • Create replicas on one or multiple servers, clear replication histories, initiate replication through console commands, and more, all directly from the main grid.
  • View replication histories from multiple databases and all of their replicas in one place—gain better understanding of your global replication status.
  • Find problems by comparing replica contents—such as the number of documents, designs, ACL entries, or agents—across as many databases as you like.
  • Zoom in on databases suspected to have replication problems and further analyze them using a variety of forensic options.

Establishing the big picture of your entire replication situation was extremely tedious—if not downright impossible. replicationEZ changes all of that.

Identify databases that haven’t been replicated, by way of a global replication snapshot.

See the number of replicas per database and what servers they are on, the number of unique databases on a given server, and more. If you find certain databases haven't replicated but should have, create replicas in only a couple of clicks!

Identify duplicate replicas that still have replication enabled.

Don't fret over the possibility of duplicate replicas—an issue in most every Domino environment. Isolate them across multiple servers in only a couple of clicks. You have all the tools you need to fix them right in replicationEZ.

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