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Exhaustive Replica Content Comparisons

Find out if your replicas are in sync, through multi-faceted content comparisons.

Finding all replicas of a given database is already a difficult task to accomplish in the native Notes tools. IF you do get that far (think about how many servers you would have to sift through in a large environment), how would you compare their contents to find out if replication is running smoothly?

replicationEZ lets you get a global snapshot of replication : see multiple databases and all of their replicas all at once in one feature-packed, central interface.

Verifying the consistency of content across databases and their replicas has never been easier:

  • Cross-verify database and replica contents through an on-demand replication consistency check. See a breakdown by criteria such as the number of documents and designs, form and field class notes, deletion stubs, etc.
  • Expose inconsistencies and problems fast with the ability to analyze multiple databases and their replicas in a single interface—no alternate sessions required.
  • Troubleshoot replication easily—see a complete map of the replication sequence, compare ACLs, or analyze selective replication formulas.
  • Resolve any discovered problems directly in replicationEZ—only a couple of clicks to clear replication history, launch console commands, and more.
  • Understand document-level differences—tight integration across EZ Suite lets you explore individual databases in scanEZ's Replication Auditor directly from the context menu.

Ensuring that databases and their replicas are in sync is crucial, and was once a common stumbling point for productivity.
Now, replicationEZ lets you go from not knowing if you have replication problems in your environment, to solving problems, all in the same tool.

Compare contents and identify discrepancies, across all replicas of a database.

Ensure replication integrity easily, in only two clicks. Identify replicas with different document counts, and scan for design discrepancies to uncover replicas with different design counts. Quickly find out what types of designs are missing such as view or form class notes and more.

Compare and verify miscellaneous properties across all replicas at once

In addition to comparing database contents, it's also a good idea to compare application properties across replicas. replicationEZ lets you see up to 80 properties—including basic attributes like physical and logical application size, quote limit, warning, replication properties, and more—for all databases and all their replicas in one place.

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