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Agile Audits and Secure Signing

Audit and sign design elements across entire databases through one central tool.

Dealing with signatures through the IBM Domino Designer client will eventually put you up against many known process bottlenecks. Auditing consists of exploring signatures one design type at a time; signing (or re-signing) consists of the inflexible options of either signing elements during your audit process, or signing an entire database at once.

signEZ consolidates your signature management into one central toolkit, allowing you to oversee signatures throughout an entire database. Conducting large-scale signature audits becomes a quick and painless process thanks to numerous pre-filters and exclusion options, and signing (and re-signing) is a breeze thanks to precise selection & preference dialogs and signature verification.

Fast AND secure signature management

Audit signatures across an entire database with precision and power thanks to filters designed to help you zero in on specific (or even unlisted) users.

Sign multiple design elements at once—regardless of type—all with the option of logging your entire process.

Export detailed signature reports to preformatted file types or with simple copy/paste commands.

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