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Easy Signature Audits for Entire Databases

Parse signatures for ALL design elements in a database for clear and focused audits.

Have you ever faced the task of auditing signatures across an entire database? In the IBM Domino Designer client, hunting through design elements one-at-a-time (or, at best, type by type). The more elements to manage, the easier—and more common—it is to miss designs. Oversights like this can leave you with bad signatures and a host of problems.

signEZ allows you to parse the entire catalog of design elements in a database for thorough signature audits. Your results will be displayed in the Ytria-exclusive flexYgrid for easy analysis.

Get the complete picture for signatures across an entire database:

  • Zero in on designs signed by specific users (even unlisted users) thanks to versatile search options.
  • Identify design elements previously signed by people who are no longer part of the environment (these names are automatically highlighted through the Check Presence in NAB feature).
  • Save a record of all audits in either a dedicated log database, or another log database of your choice.
  • Export your evaluation results to various defined formats (Excel, XML, HTML, etc.), or with simple copy/paste actions.

Errors and inconsistencies in signatures can a have a real impact on the functionality of your IBM Notes and Domino environment. Whether you want to hunt down problems currently affecting your workflow, or head them off before they can fully develop, signEZ gives you all the resources to remedy either.

Fix problems in your Domino Directory.

Over time, the flux of administrators and developers coming and going can leave behind applications and designs signed by IDs belonging to people who are no longer part of the Domino Directory. When old user names are removed from the Administration ECL, applications will no longer recognize the signatures required to execute actions.
The ensuing pop-ups asking to "Start trusting the signer to execute this action" often incite end-users to do just that. If this is not dealt with in a timely manner, serious security bottlenecks can occur. signEZ lets you quickly audit all designs in a database to get a handle on the situation.

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