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Effortless Secure Signing ID Delegation

Delegate secure signing IDs without compromising security.

ID files play the central part in database or design element signing, and signEZ introduces a completely new weapon into the arsenal: the ability to sign databases with secure, access-controlled central signer IDs.

With signEZ, administrators and developers get secure independence through custom, centrally stored IDs for signing designs without ever requiring access to the actual ID file or password.

  • Upload IDs based on the credentials of existing ID files without ever needing to allow access to actual IDs or passwords—all password information is encrypted and secure.
  • Set up the ground rules for usage on how IDs are used and what can be signed such as which databases, folders, or servers ID files are allowed (or not) to sign, and keep a record of it all in a dedicated log file.
  • Keep a tight hold on security through versatile security options.
  • And more...

With signEZ, you can delegate custom signing IDs while defining tight guidelines for access and use and without the need to grant access to actual ID files. Here is just one common scenario where development teams would greatly benefit from the Stored ID system.

Allow developers to sign scheduled agents for testing purposes.

Writing and perfecting server agents requires extensive testing, but usual setups require developers to open tickets with administrators for each time (!) they want to test an agent on server. Using signEZ’s ID sharing capabilities, you can quickly share a secured ID file with your development department, and keep track of it's usage in a dedicated log file.

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