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Extensive Command Line Compatibility

signEZ offers you substantial options to employ command line integration.

Beyond the superior levels of control and flexibility over signatures signEZ gives you, is a wide range of possibilities that the easy command line integration can help you with. Use the command line to integrate signEZ into background processes, specify launch instructions, and more.

signEZ is one EZ Suite tool that meshes perfectly with command line integration. Here is a partial list of some of the functions that you can activate through command line code:

  • Create a new signature settings batch document—or launch existing documents.
  • Execute audit/log documents.
  • Sign hotspots (typically buttons in email messages) directly.
  • Open one or multiple log documents.
  • And more…

signEZ takes the deep integration found throughout the EZ Suite tools and kicks it up a notch through numerous ways to automating and launching audits and signing jobs. For a more in-depth look, check out the command line page in our online help documentation.

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