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Interruption-Free ID Switching

Perform audits or sign any database or selection of design elements—with any ID you have access to—without having to switch ID files in your Notes or Designer clients.

Have you ever needed to sign whole databases or individual design elements with a different ID than your own? You'll know that switching between IDs in the native IBM Domino Designer forces you to close your session completely and then re-log in with the desired ID—a complete shutdown of productivity. Add in the time required to carry out your signing process, and you can already see why you could benefit from a better process.

With signEZ, you have the ability to carry out your processes with IDs from your local machine or saved in a dedicated database; work with different IDs quickly and without the need to reauthenticate your Notes session.

signEZ lets you expand the scope of your signing abilities far beyond your current ID, transparently, all while respecting Notes security:

  • Perform audits and signatures using any ID from your local machine without any effect on your Notes session.
  • Store frequently used ID files and their encrypted passwords in a local database; switch IDs effortlessly without needing to re-input passwords.
  • Manage complete stored ID information, including exclusion properties, directly within signEZ.
  • And more...

Keep your workflow steady by avoiding the effects of having to shut down your Notes session to change IDs with signEZ as the centerpiece of your new best practices for signatures.

Quickly overcome specific access issues* through shared ID files for signature operations.

signEZ makes extensive use of the Notes C API, so you can read and audit design signatures with a much as Reader access on any given database.
But what if you need to re-sign certain elements? In only two clicks, you can switch to the appropriate signer ID and carry out signing operations.
*EZ Suite tools never bypass Notes security; you'll need appropriate access to the signer ID.

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