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Network-Wide Signature Audits

A dedicated database allows you to automate signature audits over design elements across multiple databases, on multiple-servers.

Beyond the advantages in auditing individual databases, signEZ also lets you automate this process to extend your evaluations across not only multiple databases, but also multiple servers. And thanks to the preset configuration system, once you do the work, you'll be able to recall your settings for any future jobs—do the work once, set it, and recall your settings at any time for future audits.

signEZ gives you the tools to quickly carry out audits across multiple servers—a scope that was once impossible.

  • Create preset Saved Settings documents to keep your audit settings uniform throughout your process, and to save time for future audits—do the work
  • Choose to include any number of databases on any number of servers in your audits.
  • Recall previous Saved Settings for any future jobs.
  • Generate multiple Server Batch documents for a variety of preset database signing profiles.

With the added ability to extend your audits across multiple databases—and even multiple servers—you can get a clear picture of your signature status. Let`s take a look at some examples where mass-auditing and mass-signing capabilities can close up holes in administration processes.

Audit your entire infrastructure to find invalid signatures.

When it comes to signatures, it’s extremely important to ensure that there are no invalid signatures in your environment (just think about designs previously signed by developers who've left the organization).
With signEZ’s batch-audit capabilities, you can perform multi-server audits to automatically list any designs signed by ID files no longer in any of your Domino Directories.

Locate all designs currently signed by a given individual across all servers.

Whether you’re looking to re-sign after certain ID files to implement a new signer IDs, or clean up after an employee who left, the ability to find and report signatures of a specific across multiple databases and servers is invaluable.
With signEZ you can extend ID searches to every single server and see your results in a flexible grid display.

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